Friday, August 6, 2010

Concrete mattresses and curtains

Here's a few pictures and a link to remind myself to look further into the product of Pro-Dive Marine Services. The company has some really specialized flexible concrete products for the off-shore use and underwater pours. They work in conjunction with FoundOcean ("FoundOcean is the leading subsea and offshore grouting specialist for the global energy construction industries" - now you know).

[Massiv Mesh by Pro-Dive Marine Services]

Massiv Mesh
We learn from the web site about the company's Massiv Mesh that it is a flexible, concrete mattress consisting of hexagonal concrete elements linked together with high strength non-degradable polypropylene rope.

[Flexiweight by Pro-Dive Marine Services]

And about Flexiweight: 
"Flexiweight is a concrete mattress consisting of hexagonal section bars, reinforced with steel and linked by polypropylene rope. Flexiweight is flexible, robust, designed for ease of installation and available in a range of sizes and concrete densities.

Flexiweight has an established track record for such applications as Stabilization, Crossovers, Trawlboard, Cable protection and Scour prevention."

[Fabric formwork - underwater mattresses]

About their version of fabric formwork we learn:
"Engineering fabric formwork offers a considerable range of possibilities to the offshore industry. In addition to the standard pipeline supports, specially designed fabric formwork is supplied for specific requirements, including:
  • Mattresses for load distribution
  • Pipeline crossings
  • Riser supports
  • Anti-scour systems
  • Fabric seals for structural work in platforms
These varied systems have been used in water depths of 340 meters; deeper waters are within the scope of the plant."

Concrete curtain
I really like the huge concrete meshes, which greatly outsizes this little but intriguing concrete curtain by the Viennese Architectural Design office Mumex, as seen on Materia:


  1. ULO Systems looks like a competitor, but they don`t put a lot on their website

    Proserve Ltd. also has some info on their fabric formwork solutions, but not much.


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