Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cement-Audio series

While procrastinating other matters I bumped into this alternative use for concrete by Dutch designer Guus Oosterbaan who acutually lives in my backyard (small town Valby neighbors Copenhagen).

 [Image: Rock radio by Guus Oosterbaan, Photo by the designer ]

I did know that loud speaker afficionados use concrete as a very solid and heavy foundation in order to - well - get greater sound - I think I get it - but still didn't quite understand all of the Wiki article on loud speaker enclosures... ZZZZ.- or bother, I guess.

Ugly stereo or really bored?
Oosterbaan has explored concrete in his fun 'audio-cement-series' for one or more of the following reasons: Because he was bored (the post is tagged with "things you can do when you are really bored"); because he loves concrete; or because his radio was really ugly?

At first Oosterbaan cast the radio into a box like structure:
"a thick layer of cement shields the radio from actually receiving radio waves. With my "Now it doesn't work anyway" philosophy, I took a big hammer and created this Flintstones look, and the radio works!" from Oosterbaan's blog.

[Image: The back of Rock radio/ by Guus Oosterbaan, Photo by the designer ]

Brick game
Another 'cement-audio' project is Oosterbaan's concrete Pong console or Brick Game as he calls it. The project has a DIY post here.

[Image of Pong console embedded in concrete. Photo by Guus Oosterbaan]

Cement-Audio without cement
While browsing Guus' blog for the last (?) of the experiments in his cement-audio series - I only found  the Brick game mentioned above - I did find an audio-audio project and realized that 
he and I have more in common than just the fascination for concrete - we have the same small stereo which still sticks out of the book case because it's actually really long

The designer fixed this nuisance by building an extra frame to attach to the book case - Warning - below is not cast in concrete :-)
[Image: Oosterbaan customized his book case for his (and my) small yet deep stereo. Photo by Guus Oosterbaan]

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