Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Composite columns or bastard formwork

While teaching last week’s crazy student workshop I had the chance to test a principle as part of a series of investigations on what I call composite - or bastard formwork... The idea is that combining fabric with materials of other properties offers perspectives regarding concrete form, surface and production.

The fabric is used as the constraining system and the piece I made is a 2m high set of columns
An aim of the experiment was to use a minimum of materials which doesn't explicity add formal or surface qualities to the concrete structure.

[Yours truly, Anne-Mette Manelius proudly posing with the bastard formwork after the pour. Photo: Mette Madsen/Pihl]

[Yours truly working at stripping the formwork - everything didn't go all easy-peasy. Photo: Signe Ulfeldt]

 [My lovely assistant, Signe and I with the piece - a very little fellow next to the student works - but he's mine]

One of my favorites among the student works is this lovely piece - the students call it Wall de Mort - haha.

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