Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Workshop in June

Just a quick link to a workshop I plan to take part in this June.
[Participants at last year's workshop -The white is actually translucent PP fabric - pretty amazing to work with!! Photo by Yestermorrow]

Yestermorrow Design Build School hosts the workshop which is the second fabric formwork event there in collaboration with local Norwich University and builder Sandy Lawton of Arro Design. You can see photos from the first one here.

[Yours truly in Vermont, The white is actually translucent PP fabric - pretty amazing to work with!! Photo from the workshop at Yestermorrow]

The web site writes:
"Around the globe, from cutting-edge research in universities and institutes, to contractors and architects working in the field, fabric forming is a significant new force in concrete construction that allows for highly efficient, thermally massive, durable and sustainable structures. This class, presented in consort with the Norwich University School of Architecture, will bring together some of the world’s leading innovators in the field to share techniques and strategies.  Students will form and pour a series of innovative concrete architectural components, with a focus on wall forming, as well as more advanced column and beam construction.   Participants will also tour local architecture projects that use fabric form work and examine case studies to learn about the science and art of building with concrete.

Earn college credit through UVM:  This course is available for credit through the University of Vermont (CDAE 95, 2 credits).  In-state tuition is $828, plus a non-refundable $300 program fee to Yestermorrow."
[The finished wall in Vermont]

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