Monday, February 20, 2012

Fabric Formed Filigree Wall

[Image of newly poured fabric formwork by Thompson Young Design]

Just registered for the Second International Conference on Flexible Formwork (icff2012). It will be very exciting to meet with the fabric-forming crowd!
A friend just shared a link for this project, a fabric-formed wall, by the architectural office Thompson Young Design in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
Since this project actually seems to have a context, as opposed to all the fabric-formed prototypes made in architectural research labs, it would be great to see images of the finished piece, possible a landscaping feature?

[Preparing the formwork, via  Thompson Young Design]

The prefabricated fabric formwork resembles the principle for geotechnical mattress systems - just put to architectural use.
[Image of 'filter point lining', via Hydrotex]

[Stripping the formwork, via  Thompson Young Design]

Thanks Susanne for the link.
Yours concretely

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