Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A doctoral dissertation

Better late than never, below is a link to my PhD thesis about the architectural potentials of fabric formwork. As always, feel free to contact me with feedback, much appreciated!!
[Cover of the dissertation about fabric formwork, by yours concretely]
[Cover of the appendix named Experimental with literally tons of fabric formed concrete constructed by hundreds of students, image of student project "Clamp Wall"]

The long title of the thesis is (take a deep breath) "Fabric Formwork for Concrete – Investigations Into formwork Tectonics and Stereogeneity in Architectural Constructions" and you can download it right here. Here is a link to some of the terminology used/coined.

Here is a much shorter version - an interview about the work.

[Yours concretely in the Ambiguous Chair, photo by Rikke Grendal]


  1. I'm loving this work with fabric forms and concrete. Last year, working on my BFA (sculpture) I chose to work in concrete and planned to keep experimenting. I just recently found out that the manufacture of cement is responsible for 4-8% of greenhouse gases. What is your take on this with regards to sustainability?

  2. Writing research and grant proposals is one of the most difficult -- and unavoidable -- requirements of graduate study in the

  3. Read your dissertation, and I can say that you wrote it well! It’s amazing how you presented how fabric can be form concrete construction. It is definitely a great PhD dissertation paper. Anyway, good thin your publish the paper online. It would certainly be a big help for other student who are also on the same field as you.

  4. Thanks for your remarks, which I only have come across now - and Patricia, the issue is important yet not so simple as to comment on it here, I am afraid. Heating and cooling buildings emits much more CO2 than constructing them, for example, as in a ratio of 90-10.


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