Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PhD in 3 minutes (in Danish)

[Ready to deliver a PhD in 3 minutes - Yours Concretely Anne-Mette Manelius, Photo by Martin Kunzendorf, DR]

Last year the excellent Danish newspaper Information (based on WWII illegal underground newspaper) and DR (the public Danish Broadcasting Corporation) launched a competition for newly finished PhD candidates to communicate their projects in terms of the relevance to society. It is easily criticized to be superficial but communication to others than your peers is a way to democratize knowledge and furthermore the PhD Cup is a great opportunity to practice communicating substantial work in a second... the elevator speech more or less.

This year I was lucky to be selected to be among 32 participants nation wide. I did not make it to the final but part of the PhDCup 2013 included a 3-minute talk which I give to you with no further ado.

Here is the link to PhD in 3 minutes about fabric formwork and my project. This may mostly for Danish/Scandinavian readers since the linked speak is in Danish.

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  1. It certainly would be great if you were chosen for the finals. But, it was still good that you were chosen for the top 32 participants. Perhaps your paper need a little more help with thesis ideas. Anyway, I do hope you still like to join again if ever you would offer to participate.


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