Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Course in new concrete technologies and design

I just finished organizing an awesome course about new concrete technologies and design potentials. The course is organized for Danish (speaking) design professionals and through the Danish Building Information Centre (Byggecentrum). They have an exiting new ambition to offer design related courses on top of their extensive range of more technical or regulation-specific courses.
[Exposed concrete from the SEB Bank & Pension HQ, Copenhagen, Lundgaard &Tranberg, photo by Adam Mørk via]

It is increasingly challenging to push the solid boundaries in construction here (Denmark) unless you know lots about materials and techniques so you can achieve your desired features at the right cost and with the right companies combining material properties and potentials with the processes of manufacture and construction. 
On the other hand - there is so much going in on in the concrete bizz that  it makes me really really happy to have a lineup of presenters at the course representing a nice scope in scale as well as concrete strength and outlook.

Speakers / course folks include
  • Expert and manufacturer of High Strength Compact Reinforced Concrete (CRC), Hans Bruun Nissen of Hi-Con
  • The consultant and robot concrete expert Johannes Rauff Greisen of The Danish Technological Institute will get into the field of CAM fingerprints, scaling and more examples and perspectives of his research
  • Sales manager Carsten Christian Møller from one of the largest Danish concrete element companies Spæncom will get into the use of concrete as thermo active construction and specific developments of aesthetic concrete surfaces.
  • Architect Thomas Rahbæk from the famous architectural company Lundgaard & Tranberg with a range of projects and a specific interest in architectural technology and expressing construction in regards to functionality as well as aesthetics of structures.
  • Yours Concretely who will guide the way and facilitate the day as well as present new technological concrete treats and examples to bring into the daily design practice.
[Image of the concrete facade for the Nottingham Contemporary Art Museum, photo by Yours Concretely]

Now fingers are crossed for a great turnout by professionals who want to push what concrete is or could be. 

The course titled "Beton - nye teknologier og muligheder" takes place on October 28th 2013 in Ballerup (near Copenhagen).

PS: This post has been edited June 12th - I was excited when initially writing it, but more tired than I thought ...

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