Saturday, June 13, 2015

Conversation on making and constructing

ENTREENTRE is a new platform and digital magazine for architecture and image. It is edited and curated by Danish architects Frederik Petersen, Karen Gamborg Knudsen and Anne Friis.

The very first issue is an hour-long conversation with Professor Mark West, the pioneer of fabric formwork who is also a very dedicated maker and and amazingly skilled at drawing

The issue is a sound-file where Mark West is interviewed by Frederik and some of the images discussed during the conversation are shown on the page and you can scroll through the images as you listen.

Check it out here - and prepare to listen more than once on the development of hallucinating and 'self-made' drawings, construction pieces and work in graphite, fabric and concrete.

EntreEntre also organizes exhibits - and the second issue supplements an exhibit at the Copenhagen Architecture office and gallery Leth & Gori. Here architects Theis Dreiby and Nat Chard exhibited drawings and models investigating representation and making architecture.

[Mark West, Blackout Everything Falls]

[Mark West, Safehouse]
[Mark West, Casa del Fascio redrawn]

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